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Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Palomino Review

Everyone needs a barbie pink lipstick, but is this the one you need? I have heard so many people raving about Bite products so I was very excited to give this itty bitty pink bullet a whirl.

Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Palomino
Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Palomino

Is is bright? Yep. Is it pigmented? sure is. Does it last all day? I can't get the damn stuff off!!!
I'm not even joking. I remove most my makeup with coconut oil but that didn't cut it for this lipstick. So onto the waterproof makeup remover... round one left me with faintly pink lips. Round two finally removed it. Mostly. And that was after eating 3 meals and drinking plenty of water.

Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Palomino
So it has longevity but what about the rest of the things you look for in a lipstick? I really wished I had a lipliner to match this, I think that would of given me a better application. It is a little crayon like to apply (if you know what I mean), it doesn't glide like my favourite lipsticks do. Whilst it isn't drying it isn't moisturizing either. Rather than being a piece of art it is more like that annoying finger paint that stains your hands... bright and fun, but only on the odd occasion.

Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Palomino

This has left me feeling somewhat disappointed, but I'm not going to jump to conclusions about the brand just yet. This lipstick is fun and I'm sure I will be reaching for this when I need something that won't budge all night long. 

Do you own a pink lipstick? Which one should I get my paws on next?

Its the weekends and I call pamper time! Which for me means, a big bubble bath, a face mask, something tasty and I'll probably end up doing my nails in the tub... is that weird? 
I dragged my (less than perky) ass to the pool today to do some laps, which I enjoy but hands up who gets dry skin from the yucky chlorine? It feels as if everything and anything has been stripped from your skin. My skin has been on some sort of rebellious streak lately so its not just the chlorine that has had me yelling my woes from the roof top (or at least complaining with a sad sooky face to my other half morning and night). So I hoped this mask would melt away my woes...
What Does Tony Moly Promise?...  Mask makes dull skin more radian, enhancing an inner glow while refining skin texture.
Yep, that sounds like what I need, time to put it to the test...

First, that smell... I rather enjoy it. Part baby powder, part floral soap... its a smell that I feel like I should dislike, but I don't. Ahh and that cotton sheet, thick yet soft and so easy to apply. There is no shortage of serum in this pack either so smooth it down your neck to. Now time to sit back and relax, 20-30 minutes is the recommended time.

The Results... Firstly my skin does feel a million time better. It feels like it has life again. But Radiance and inner glow are a bit of a stretch for my skin at the moment. 
After trying this I am really looking forwards to trying other Tony Moly face masks, so far they are a nice treat with the right price tag.
Laura Mercier Lip Glacé Review
I can't quite place my finger on the scent of this gloss but it makes me feel all nostalgic... it reminds me of a lip smacker I had as a kid (I loved them, especially the ones with the jewels on top). The packaging feels beautiful and even its its simplicity like a small pice of luxury. The gloss glides on to give a sheer nude rose colour, with a texture of silk, no gluey stickiness here.

Laura Mercier Lip Glacé ReviewHave I mentioned I love Laura Mercier products? Well just incase you didn't know, I can't get enough of them!  This is yet another one that is a gorgeous, quality product.

Laura Mercier Lip Glacé Review
Laura Mercier Lip Glacé Review

I have now been wearing this gloss all day, of course I had to make a few re-applications. The gloss will survive a glass of water or some sliced apple but no luck on it lasting a real meal. My lips also feel reasonably moisturized which is always nice. This is the kind of gloss that will probably live in my handbag because its perfect to apply in a rush with no mirror. But I would also make a lovely top coat to a lipstick or dabbed just in the centres of the lips to give that lovely pull lip effect. These glosses do cost a pretty penny but I would take just one of the over 2-3 drugstore glosses any day.

Laura Mercier Lip Glacé Review

Runway shows are such a perfect place to look for inspiration for anything, not only are these creative teams extremely talented but they are setting the trends for the year to come. While most of us can't afford the pieces of art the models are wearing, we can get their makeup looks... and we don't even have to wait for anything to hit the stores.

Valentino Spring Couture inspired Makeup

Valentino never disappoints and this love story of a show is beautiful, you really should go check out these photos.

Valentino Spring Couture inspired Makeup
Valentino Spring Couture 2015

It would feel like being in a fairytale to wear one of these dresses and have your hair and makeup done.

When something smells halfway between the lollies you ate as a kid and some sort of chemical experiment you begin to seriously question if this is a product you want to be using. I'm no science nerd (although I wish I was) so I can't make head nor tail of the lengthy ingredient list, but the brand does promise it is made without the nasties that everyone keeps telling us to avoid like Formaldehyde, Lye or Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates and Sodium Chloride.

I had a sample size of this hair mask, it lasted me 3 uses so going by that math each use requires 10-15ml, meaning a full bottle would get you roughly 20 uses or $1.50 per use. Not bad, unless all its doing is wasting your time (waiting for the mask to sit in your hair for 5 minutes) and then washing that money down the drain.

I'm not saying this mask won't work for everyone, but for my fine, colour treated, heat styled, damaged hair it left me wondering if it had done anything at all. Even after the first, less than exciting use I diligently proceeded to use up the rest of my bottle over the next 2 weeks, but still now payoff for my valiant efforts to rescue my poorly treated hair.

In Short:
What: CoolWay Boost Repair Hair Mask
Cost: $29.95
Pros: Easy to add to your shower routine
Cons: Awful smell, No noticeable improvement
Rate it: 3/10
It's that time of the month again! No, not that time... Ipsy time! The time when every girl is getting excited because there is a hot pink parcel in the letterbox, and really, who doesn't LOVE snail mail. 

What did I get in this months Bag?!
- Hikari Cosmetics Eye Liner in Storm (full size) $13 use coupon code HIKARI30 for 30% off
- Eco Beauty Good Day. Day Moisturizer (15g sample value of $12) use code IPSYJAN15 for 30% off
- (Malin+Goetz) Mojito Lip Balm (full size) $12 use coupon IPSY15 for 15% off your purchase
- Manna Kadar Sheer Glo (sample worth $7.70) use code IPSY20 for 40% off
- Pacifica Mineral Coconut Eyeshadow in Treasure (full size?) $3.50? use code NEWBEAUTY for 20% off

Thats a value of $48.20
but are these products worth any of your money? Read on to see what I though...

Eco Beauty Good Day. Day Moisturizer
The Claim: highly natural day moisturizer provides ample hydration and helps bring back a fresher & happier looking skin appearance. Made with collagen-producing peptides, super-hydrating hyaluronic acid, natural cucumber, aloe, antioxidant panthenol (Vitamin B), Vitamin C & E and a natural anti-aging botanical complex of maqui berry, licorice root, ginko leaf, grape seed and hickory bark.
First thoughts: I like the sounds of it but I hate the packaging. Sure it might have a lid so that it can be resealed but it is still a foil bag.

Final Verdict: 
The smell is kinda of like something that went off with subtle hints of fresh cucumber... not what I call pleasant. This moisturizer sunk into my skin swiftly and my hopes were raised a little, until 5 minutes later my skin was screaming for more moisture. I am a stubborn one, so I have been persisting with using this moisturizer all week, my opinion however  is still the same. This is a fail, and an expensive one at that.
(Malin+Goetz) Mojito Lip Balm
the claim:
 as soothing to the lips as it is to the senses. Flavored with (MALIN+GOETZ) Mojito, this lip balm is scientifically blended to restore and replenish. This hydrating lip gel easily integrates for daily maintenance, prevention and treatment of dry, irritated lips. Color and paraben free. 

First thoughts: I hope this works because my lips are dying plus this packaging is right down my alley!
(Malin+Goetz) Mojito Lip Balm review
Final Verdict: The smell is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The product is silky and glides onto your lips, gently bringing the touch of soothing moisture to dry lips. I reach for this first thing in the morning, apply it agin after breakfast, and reach for it any time I don't have lipstick on... I even sleep with it under my pillow... yeah, completely addicted. This is the best product in the bag, and has also earn its place as a top favourite lip balm.
Manna Kadar Sheer Glo
the claiman incandescent liquid that lights up skin with all over radiance. Mix with foundation or wear alone to provide a luminous glow for all skin types. An especially amazing product for mature or dry skin. Sheer Glo provides a youthful glow and dewy finish.
First thoughts: firstly why do they have to write glo and not glow? This actually looks promising and I can’t wait to try it out.
Manna Kadar Sheer Glo swatch and review
Final Verdict: I mixed it with my foundation and applied, I was pleased that it didn't give me "glitter face" but it also didn't give me that promised glow. For me, this extra step isn't worth it, but I'll give it a few more chances.
Pacifica Mineral Coconut Eyeshadow in Treasure swatch and review
Pacifica Mineral Coconut Eyeshadow in Treasure
the claim
An incredibly innovative formula that pushes natural makeup and mineral color to new bounds. Rich, lasting, creaseless eye shadows are infused with coconut water for a velvety, cream-like finish.

First thoughts: This packaging is oh so cute, but impossibly hard to get the products out of with out ripping it to bits. The colour, although a lovely neutral has me yawning. 

Final Verdict: This product blew me away... talk about pigmented! The photos do not do justice to the intensity of the colour, as for staying power, it does not disappoint. I wore this all day, I went on a 2 hour hike, walked around the city and then came home and cooked, and even after all that I did't have a single crease. I want to get my hands on some more of these shadows.

Hikari Cosmetics Eye Liner in Storm
The Claim: Eyeliner with a smooth formula for easy application. The perfect eyeliner that you can smudge for a smoky look or use to define your eyes.
First Thoughts: Love a brand that appears to have put some thought into packaging... an eyeliner with flat sides so it doesn't roll off the counter and break, thank you Hikari. Also who or what is this Hikari Brand? Not one I have heard of before, but a quick google tells me they are an up and coming brand from the US. The few reviews on the brand I found are fairly positive, but I'll save getting to excited until I have tried an tested this promising beauty.

(ill update my review of this eye liner once I have tried it)

I adore a good red lipstick, it is a staple in any makeup collection. In fact my very first lipstick purchase was a red YSL lipstick, needless to say that left me with high expectations of what a red lipstick should deliver.
I expect long wearing colour, that doesn't feather at the edges, is easy to apply and doesn't dry out my already dry lips. Pretty packaging is always a plus.
Today I am wearing Hourglass's Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in the colour Icon.

A lipstick thats a lipgloss?! I was apprehensive about application as normally lip glosses aren't the easiest to get a precise application with but this one was a pleasant surprise, reasonable easy to use applicator. They claim its a matt finish 14 hour wear... I would say more satin than matt, but I like that as matt finishes are almost always drying. As for 14 hour wear... we all know you can only get close to that if you don't put a single thing to your lips. As for me a drink a bottle of water every other hour and am constantly snacking. That being said the wear was surprisingly good but what I like more than how long it lasts is how it wears off. No clumping of colour, just a fairly even fade, so if you find yourself out an about without this baby handy you can easily smudge the colour as it wears to create a stain look rather than looking like a clown with dry lips that clearly forgot to re-touch.
So is it worth it? I really enjoyed this liquid lipstick and I love that you can buy a small travel size. But at $33 for the full size it is a splurge item.