Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon

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I adore a good red lipstick, it is a staple in any makeup collection. In fact my very first lipstick purchase was a red YSL lipstick, needless to say that left me with high expectations of what a red lipstick should deliver.
I expect long wearing colour, that doesn't feather at the edges, is easy to apply and doesn't dry out my already dry lips. Pretty packaging is always a plus.
Today I am wearing Hourglass's Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in the colour Icon.

A lipstick thats a lipgloss?! I was apprehensive about application as normally lip glosses aren't the easiest to get a precise application with but this one was a pleasant surprise, reasonable easy to use applicator. They claim its a matt finish 14 hour wear... I would say more satin than matt, but I like that as matt finishes are almost always drying. As for 14 hour wear... we all know you can only get close to that if you don't put a single thing to your lips. As for me a drink a bottle of water every other hour and am constantly snacking. That being said the wear was surprisingly good but what I like more than how long it lasts is how it wears off. No clumping of colour, just a fairly even fade, so if you find yourself out an about without this baby handy you can easily smudge the colour as it wears to create a stain look rather than looking like a clown with dry lips that clearly forgot to re-touch.
So is it worth it? I really enjoyed this liquid lipstick and I love that you can buy a small travel size. But at $33 for the full size it is a splurge item. 

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