Cool Way Boost Repair Hair Mask Review

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When something smells halfway between the lollies you ate as a kid and some sort of chemical experiment you begin to seriously question if this is a product you want to be using. I'm no science nerd (although I wish I was) so I can't make head nor tail of the lengthy ingredient list, but the brand does promise it is made without the nasties that everyone keeps telling us to avoid like Formaldehyde, Lye or Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates and Sodium Chloride.

I had a sample size of this hair mask, it lasted me 3 uses so going by that math each use requires 10-15ml, meaning a full bottle would get you roughly 20 uses or $1.50 per use. Not bad, unless all its doing is wasting your time (waiting for the mask to sit in your hair for 5 minutes) and then washing that money down the drain.

I'm not saying this mask won't work for everyone, but for my fine, colour treated, heat styled, damaged hair it left me wondering if it had done anything at all. Even after the first, less than exciting use I diligently proceeded to use up the rest of my bottle over the next 2 weeks, but still now payoff for my valiant efforts to rescue my poorly treated hair.

In Short:
What: CoolWay Boost Repair Hair Mask
Cost: $29.95
Pros: Easy to add to your shower routine
Cons: Awful smell, No noticeable improvement
Rate it: 3/10

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