TONY MOLY I'm Real Rice Mask - Clear Skin

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Its the weekends and I call pamper time! Which for me means, a big bubble bath, a face mask, something tasty and I'll probably end up doing my nails in the tub... is that weird? 
I dragged my (less than perky) ass to the pool today to do some laps, which I enjoy but hands up who gets dry skin from the yucky chlorine? It feels as if everything and anything has been stripped from your skin. My skin has been on some sort of rebellious streak lately so its not just the chlorine that has had me yelling my woes from the roof top (or at least complaining with a sad sooky face to my other half morning and night). So I hoped this mask would melt away my woes...
What Does Tony Moly Promise?...  Mask makes dull skin more radian, enhancing an inner glow while refining skin texture.
Yep, that sounds like what I need, time to put it to the test...

First, that smell... I rather enjoy it. Part baby powder, part floral soap... its a smell that I feel like I should dislike, but I don't. Ahh and that cotton sheet, thick yet soft and so easy to apply. There is no shortage of serum in this pack either so smooth it down your neck to. Now time to sit back and relax, 20-30 minutes is the recommended time.

The Results... Firstly my skin does feel a million time better. It feels like it has life again. But Radiance and inner glow are a bit of a stretch for my skin at the moment. 
After trying this I am really looking forwards to trying other Tony Moly face masks, so far they are a nice treat with the right price tag.

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